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Janet Mihoci for Georgia House District 107


I was born in Lima, Ohio and raised in Bellefontaine, Ohio, a small rural community located in west central Ohio.  I am the youngest of six children and I have a twin sister.  My dad worked hard as a civil engineer and my mom was a homemaker.  Growing up in a large family, with one income, did not always afford us the ability to have everything we wanted.  I learned early on that if I wanted something that my parents could not afford, I was going to have to work for the money to buy it.


That is where my hard work ethic began.  I would head out to the neighbors to see if they needed any help around their yard or babysit their grandchildren, earning a few extra dollars to go to the movies, buy some candy or snacks, or a cute stuffed animal at the local newsstand.   At sixteen, I got my first “real” part time job working at a local shoe store and I loved it.  I admit, much of the hard-earned cash went to my shoe closet, but I grew tremendously and by the time I ended my high school career at Shoe World, I was the person who was responsible for closing the store on many weeknights and weekends.


After high school, I moved to Toledo, Ohio to study at the University of Toledo where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.  I was active in Student Government, was a Campus tour guide, did a brief stint at the college radio station, was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, and worked part time as the manager at the Campus Information Desk.  I served in leadership capacities in all these organizations, and volunteered my time with various philanthropic organizations with my sorority.


After I graduated, I moved to Columbus, Ohio to start my full time work career.  It was a tough economy at that time, and many companies were not hiring, many federal law enforcement agencies were under hiring freezes and it was difficult to find a job in Criminal Justice with no experience.  This built perseverance and character and gave me a true understanding of the “real world.”  I applied to several top law schools around the state but was unable to get into the schools to which I applied.  God had other plans for my life, as I would learn in the years to come.  I worked in the legal field in the private and corporate sectors.  I also worked for a couple of specialty food small businesses and started a small business with my twin sister specializing in catering and dessert food items.


In 2005, I relocated to Georgia and have lived in Gwinnett County for the last eight years.  I am currently working as a litigation paralegal for a large personal injury law firm in Midtown and I am a member of Free Chapel Church.


In early 2016, I attended Pastor Franklin Graham’s 50 State Decision America Tour downtown at the Capitol.  Pastor Graham encouraged all the attendees to pray for our Nation and asked Christians to get involved in the political system and run for political office.  He encouraged each one of us to take a pledge to do so and that is what I did on February 10, 2016.  Since then, I have been actively involved with the Gwinnett County Republican Party and have volunteered my time in the community because I am committed to the principles of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility.  I have learned that I love the political arena and I love meeting people from all over the country who are as passionate and dedicated to our Nation as I am.  Politics can be a divisive arena but that is where I want to make a change and be a positive influence.  I want to work hard for the people I represent and be a strong voice at the Capitol.  I want to be the voice for the average working person, the one who may not have the most money or influence.  I want to represent you and fight for the priorities that are important to us in District 107.


“I want to continue to serve our community and that is why I’m running for Georgia House District 107 so that I can fight for YOU at the State Capitol.”



– Honored to serve,

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