Key Issues


I will fight for a conservative budget and the repeal of the State income tax.  Like you, I am part of the working class and I want all of us to have more money in our pockets on pay day.  I will fight against special interest tax breaks and will be conservative on government spending.  As a conservative, I support both small and large size businesses and want equal representation for both at the State Capitol.


I will fight for school choice for families and I support school vouchers.  I am against common core because I believe that education should be controlled at the State level and influenced by teachers and parents and not run by the Federal government.  The local community always has the best answers and solutions for its children.  I believe that we must provide children with affordable and practical alternatives to college education.  I will work with local schools to develop vocational, technological and entrepreneurial training to equip our children for careers after graduation, should they choose not to attend college.


I will build a strong grassroots coalition with my constituents, local businesses, and the local faith based community.  I will hold town hall meetings and make myself available to everyone I represent.  I will be a strong voice for my community at the Capitol.  I want to represent all of District 107 and I want to build unity together.


Our metro area is growing at a rapid rate and the congestion in our daily commutes is a huge problem.  I am a daily commuter on I-85 and I understand the frustration and stress of the work commute.  We must take time and effort to create viable alternatives that will benefit commuters.  We need to evaluate options from all areas and encourage private and corporate sector companies to invest in the infrastructure of the communities in which they reside. 


I will fight every day defending our Constitutional Rights at the Capitol, especially the Second Amendment (Constitutional Carry), the Right to Life, and our Religious Liberty.  There is nothing more important than these Constitutional Rights and I will always stand for liberty and freedom.

America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.

Alexis de Tocqueville